L.A. Pizza Closes Its Doors

In a great loss to the Granada Hills community in general -- and to this blog in particular -- L.A. Pizza has closed its doors for good.

Chris, the restaurant's owner had difficulty making ends meet after losing his liquor license several months ago.

In addition to being the most consistent long-term advertising sponsor of Giga Granada Hills, L.A. Pizza sponsored a number of local children's sports teams and was a favorite destination for the teams' end-of-season celebrations. In addition, the restaurant was host to Granada Hills' only comedy night.

I originally approached L.A. Pizza for advertising because they were my favorite pizza place in G.H., and I felt I'd be proud to have their logo on my page. I mean, they had linguica sausage! Who else has that? No one, that's who. The place was a bit worn inside, but when you're getting delivery, who cares? I'll miss the garlic and white sauce pizza, the L.A. Supreme, the veggie supreme.

L.A. Pizza, thanks for all of the support and for the delicious, quality pizza. You will be sorely missed.


  1. I saw this coming when I saw a listing for LA Pizza on Loopnet a few months ago. I remember when the place was a Round Table.

  2. Have lived in the GH area most of my life and NEVER heard of them..maybe THAT was a big part of the problem...

  3. What Anonymous above said... I've lived here for 38 years and did not know about them...

  4. I ordered a pizza there once and when I went to pick it up - NO employees were visible anywhere. I called out several times and looked in all the rooms - no one, then stepped between the opening in the counter and pocked my head to look in the kitchen and the owner showed up and had a hissy fit that I dared to cross some invisible plane to look for an employee. I got my pizza but it was years before I returned and only returned because I liked the pizza - not the service or attitude.

  5. If you've lived in GH for over 5 years and never heard of LA Pizza CO., then you haven't really been LIVING in GH.
    It's hard to miss. Balboa/Devonshire.
    Yeah, they didn't have the best employees but the pizza was delicious.
    I'll miss them.

    Why did they lose their liquor license?

  6. Exactly. How do you go about losing a liquor license?

  7. All these negative comments - I had to post this - It was a great establishment and had a wonderful sense of community. The fact that he supported so many local sports team is saying something in itself. I will miss this place and I am sorry they closed. I have some great memories of my children's various sports team meeting there after practice.

  8. This was a great place. It was a Round Table under the ownership of Sid and Paul H. for years. After Sid left, Paul stayed and dropped the Round Table brand convinced that Round Table was not providing enough advertising support. Paul ran his re-branded LA Pizza Co. For several years Before selling it to a cool guy name Chris. It was always a little pricey and yeah the service was never 5 star, but they made fresh dough daily. Used only the best ingredients and made the best damn pizza I ever had.
    I will never find another LA Pizza Co. It makes me so sad to see they are gone forever.
    Thank you Sid, Paul and Chris for the best pizza ever. R.I.P LA Pizza CO.


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