Speculation And Guesswork On The Future of Granada Village

A press release about the development of the Granada Village Shopping Center says, “One of the unique elements will be the creation of an outdoor dining district at the front of the center with connected patios and trellised seating areas to create energy and to increase pedestrian activity.”

If I were to speculate, this will probably means the addition of a new corporate chain restaurant or two in the center (Applebee's, anyone?). But what exactly does "Dining District" mean?

Maria Fisk of the Old Granada Hills Resident's Group Zoning and Density Committee explained:

"Nadal Construction reviewed plans for a 'dining district' and there are several options for the south end of the shopping center (near former Du-par’s):
- One driveway will be closed
-3-4 restaurants are planned (converted Blockbuster, Winchell’s, Du-par’s and possibly a new 4th building N of Du-par’s)
-They would not comment on restaurants whatsoever “don’t want to start rumors”
-Area to include pavers, outdoor dining, trellises. Really looks great!
-At this time, there were no plans for the other scattered eateries to move to this new district

Again- these are only proposals and subject to change."

Will the addition of more restaurants near the corner of Chatsworth and Zelzah spell more pressure on food trucks to skedaddle? Pressure backed by all of the weight and firepower of corporate lobbyists? It's an interesting question to which I have no answer. The only thing we know for sure is that this revamp will go a long way towards "modernizing" Granada Hills — a word that sounds ominous to some but good to others. But most agree that something — anything — will be far better than the whole lotta nuttin' that's been filling up that space over the last few years.

Neighborhood Council member Brad Smith recently said of the center, "It might be worth pointing out that Jim Summers and the rest of the supposed Granada Hills' 'NIMBYs' deserve some credit, because if they had not fought the Kohl's in 2007-2008, the addition of the Sprouts, etc., quite possibly never would have happened."

Smith speculates that "Odds are, given the collapse in the commercial real estate market in the last 24 months, the property owner would have demolished the north end of the old center, but that's quite possibly as far as it would have gone. Once Mervyns' finally went under in 2008, Kohl's would have presumably opened their store in Northridge anyway, rather than waiting for — and paying for — a brand new structure."

The only thing Regency Centers' illustration above makes certain is that patrons of the new shopping center will overwhelmingly favor gray or beige AMC Gremlins as their vehicle of choice. The rest remains to be seen.


  1. Why is the woman in the orange dress posing like a street walker?

  2. I had that exact same question. Also, why would a streetwalker wear such a frumpy dress?

  3. There's also a floating couple and way too many storefronts along the north side to fit in the current space.

  4. So is Rite Aid moving east to the old Ralphs location?

  5. That is what the plan is/was, Aaron; I think the idea was they could put in a drive-through for the pharmacy.

    I was in the center in Woodland Hills where Jerry's deli is recently; there's a Sprouts there and it is actually very nice.

    Also, there is a very nicely re-done older center in La Canada Flintridge on Foothill that has a HomeGoods and a Sprouts going in; the restaurant mix is Chipotle, Panera Bread, and a similar mix of nicer chains, plus Taylor's Steakhouse, which has been there forever. I could see something like that working in GH Vilage North pretty well.

  6. I have every confidence that Regency Centers will find some way to royally screw it all up! They do have a tradition to uphold afterall!

  7. We, speaking liberally here, do not want chain restaurants! Look at the success of the food trucks. A vibrant street scene on Friday night. This is something I've never seen in Granada Hills.

    That said, the Chipotle on Reseda is vastly overcrowded. A north valley location would be nice. But it should go in Porter Ranch (they can kick out the crappy overpriced Baja Fresh).

    1. I agree...love the semi 3rd St atmosphere..keep it goin!!...just watch for pedestrians crossing Chatsworth...one pedestrian traffic accident could ruin all this. That needs to be addressed...SOON

  8. I'd prefer tax generating restaurants here in GH instead of the food trucks with Montebello/Carson/etc. addresses on them, paying taxes in some other city but taking up parking here in the CD12.

  9. Can't they design something that doesn't look like every other strip mall in the world? I'm so tired of the 'safe' homogenized look.

  10. Los Angeles has a gross receipts tax that applies to all business activity within the city. If they are parking in Los Angeles they are required to pay regardless of where they are registered. If you think they are not paying you can report them by dialing 311.

  11. Slap Yo Mama not only lives in Granada Hills, but her kids go to our local junior high school and she does all of her shopping in Granada Hills!

  12. PITA PIT!!!!!!!!!!!! thats what we need

  13. I agree...love the semi 3rd St atmosphere..keep it goin!!...just watch for pedestrians crossing Chatsworth...one pedestrian traffic accident could ruin all this. That needs to be addressed...SOON...maybe close the right lane on both sides of Chatsworth and/or have marked flashing crosswalks set up..and no pedestrians allowed to pass between the trucks onto Chatsworth.

    Also...local mellow appropriate street performers (musicians, magicians etc)that could add to the atmosphere should be encouraged. Bureaucrats...dont ruin this...please...

    Also...local businesses should consider staying open Wed and Fri. nites and putting out their products to display. A good investment if I owned a local store front would be to buy 8-10 plastic lawn chairs to put in front of your store Wed. and Friday nites for potential customers....

  14. supposed to have a Sushi place and a burrito place...thats the latest Ive heard


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