Missing A Dog?

Got this in the inbox today:

Hello - my name is Alexa and I am a new resident of Granada Hills. I live on San Fernando Mission Blvd at the corner of Shoshonee. Today I found 2 dogs that were in the middle of the busy street and so I brought them up and put them in my backyard to keep them safe. Unfortunately, one of the walls of my yard is short and so they would be able to get out so i was unable to keep them here and had to take them to the pound. I spoke to my neighbors and no one recognizes the dogs. One of my neighbors gave me your website address and told me to contact you and possibly you could put the information in your blog so that we can find the owners. The pound checked and neither dog was chipped. Thank you for your help. I have attached a few photos of the dogs.


  1. Maybe this would help!



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