Dang, What A Cool House: The Knollwood Victorian

In the early days of this blog, I made it one of my first missions to go to this house, take pictures, knock on the door, and drop off my business card, asking for an interview. No dice; I never heard back.

Apparently, ApartmentTherapy.com had no better luck than I did -- but they do take nicer photos. Writer Gregory Han, a Valley native, had this to say of the house in its Granada Hills context: "like Paris Hilton at an Amish gathering, it was obvious one person had something completely different in mind."

Apartment Therapy's sources said of the homeowner, "his neighbors began converting their post war 1950's single story home into a Victorian 'eyesore' over the years because his wife had always dreamt of living in one as a child. So the husband spent years converting and adding architectural elements, initially all by himself."

Read the full article here.


  1. Funny you should write about this. I definitely missed your first article about it and ironically, Jim Summers from GHSNC and also a local realtor, took me for a ride in his awesome Jaguar last week and he stopped at a house he is getting ready to list in the Knollwood area. When we passed that house, he stopped the car and asked me to take a few pictures of it because he loved it. So I did but I was kind of embarrassed because the owners of the house are my very good friends and one of them sits on my NC Board.

    I will tell her that you couldn't get a hold of her. I'm going to speak to her later today on another issue anyway...

    That has always been my son's favorite house.

    You can only imagine the great fun personalities of the people who live there.

    So pshaw to ApartmentTherapy for calling it an eyesore!


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