Attention: You Can Win Fabulous Prizes!

Regarding the events of April 3, you may be saying to yourself: I understand what a Food Truck Fest is, but what is a Miniature-Miniature Golf Tournament?

I'm so glad you asked.

Did you know that there is a miniature golf course right here in Granada Hills?

The VFW Post, which will be hosting the event, has a six-hole putting green on its lovely back patio. So we'll be hosting a miniature-miniature golf tournament there, with trophies for the winners in two divisions: adults (that's ages 13 and up) and kids (12 and down).

But that's not all. Do you like to build things out of cardboard boxes, wood, Lego, Tinkertoys, Lincoln Logs, Erector sets, or miscellaneous whatnot?

The VFW putting green is sadly bereft of obstacles. So a special prize will go to the winner of our mini-golf style Obstacle Building Contest!

The pictures here are provided to inspire, but certainly not to limit, your creativity.

Build an obstacle for the golf course, and bring it to the VFW at noon on April 3. YOU MAY TAKE HOME A TROPHY!!!

Veteran's of Foreign Wars Post 2323 is located at:
17522 Chatsworth Street
(Corner Encino)
Granada Hills, CA

This Event Has Been Generously Sponsored by HighLights Granada Hills.


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