The Granada What Chamber Of Who?

I'm fairly certain I can poke fun at the Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce with impunity on this page, since none of them have heard of the Internet. It's kind of like making fun of the Amish on television -- they're never going to get offended, because they're never going to hear it.

So here goes: Granada Chamber, I hereby poke fun at you. Poke. Poke.

I just got off the phone with Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Paul Lacayo:
"Were you aware of the food truck closures last Friday night?"
"No, I hadn't heard about that. You're with who?"
"Greater Granada Hills?"
"No, Giga Granada Hills. G-I-G-A. It's a website on the Internet. Do you read the Internet much?"
"Only for my own purposes and such. But I've never heard heard of your site."

Call me immodest, but I've been assuming this whole time that anyone with more than a passing curiosity about Granada Hills AND an Internet connection would have stumbled upon this site by now.

Check out the Chamber's web site -- lots of "Useful phone numbers" listings, but just one listing on the "Informational Links" page: The website for the Social Security Administration.

Oh well... maybe this Internet thing is just a fad.

I might be wrong about the Chamber, of course... so if I am, go ahead and prove it. I'm ready to eat a big helping of humble pie. Chamber members, I invite you to comment on this post and publicly humiliate me. And if you need some tech support on figuring out how to work the comment feature, send me a letter. I'll get back to you in 6-8 weeks.

Meanwhile, the rest of you can enjoy the following documentary featurette on the Chamber.


  1. Linda,
    Thanks for the article about the food trucks and the events of last Friday evening. The Chamber, this evening - Tuesday - discussed that particular issue and what we should do about it. There are positives and negatives with the food trucks and we have heard both sides from the merchants on Chatsworth Street. We need to hear from more of the businesses and find out exactly what the law is before we take a position.
    Your blog is on my favorite list and I read it almost every day. Your video series on the CD12 candidates was excellent. Paul Lacayo is new to the job - only about 2 weeks and just met the some of the board directors for the first time. Cut him a little slack. The website is also relatively new and the bugs need to be sorted out and additions made. So, there is your public humiliation....
    Richard Fisk
    Director: GH Chamber of Commerce
    Director: Old Granada Hills Residents' Group

  2. I have to say that as a 30 year old who grew up in GH, and moved back to GH 4 years ago... nothing has changed.
    GH is old. It's not a knock. For the most part, the same people who have kept up the parade and street fair have been doing so for a long time. It's a reason why I returned to GH.
    But lets be honest, for any town to thrive it needs new blood. And GH Chamber, and to a certain extent NCs, are just holding on to yester-years and mostly fighting change.

  3. Hi Richard!
    Good to hear from you! I have been duly chastened. Thanks for the kind words.
    Glad you're doing your due diligence on the food trucks issue. After speaking with a few merchants who are both pro- and anti- food trucks, as well as speaking with Matthew Geller, CEO of the SoCal Mobile Food Vendors' Association, and researching LAMC pertaining to the issue, I consider myself fairly well informed on food trucks, so if you need any info, IM me.
    Ha ha, just kidding. Call me on my landline!

  4. Perhaps the Chamber, Neighborhood Council, and merchants should consider the fact that the GH Chatsworth business district has been a ghost town for years. You usually see more tumbleweeds than shoppers or persons strolling the street... The district is run down, unattractive, poorly designed, and uninteresting. It severely needs a total makeover.

    The food trucks have resulted in more interest in the area and foot traffic than has existed in quite some time! Therefore, it makes perfect sense to shut them down...

  5. I have heard a lot of comments about the food trucks both ways from the local business people--some like the activity, and some do not like the fact that food trucks rudely block their parking and their stores, interfering with their customers. If the food trucks would work with the businesses rather than unfairly block and interfere with them, then I imagine they could be appreciated.

  6. There are a lot of interested volunteers trying very hard to improve Granada Hills, make it prettier, more attractive, more active, etc. Rather than insult the volunteers for "holding onto yesteryear", perhaps more people should join the Chamber of Commerce and go to the Neighborhood Council meetings, and other neighborhood groups, become INFORMED and involved. The blogs that criticize those volunteers should become more acquainted with the facts. Volunteers are welcome.

  7. I can't stop laughing.

  8. I couldn't stop laughing about the chamber before I watched the video. Now it's even worse.

    Only GH Chamber would party like it's 1699!

  9. As One of the Original G.H. Resident's Who Can Remember Buying My KISS & LED ZEPPLIN Albums at Tempo Records on Chatsworth st....Circa 1976 or so, I'm laughing my ass off! We Should (that means all residents & business owners) should Give All The Support Possible to GHChamber. And as for Roach Coach Truck Problem---Raid Shall Be Sprayed, or they can Suck My Big Toe! Have a Nice Day Everybody!!!

  10. No one likes the ugly cheap food trucks except people who don't care about what they put into their bodies. Most of the vendors are obese, rude and obnoxious and it reflects on that fact. If they had an ounce of common decency, they would leave when they are told by local store owners to leave so that their customers can continue to use the parking space they used to enjoy. These mobile vendors are an affront to civilized business practices. To be fair, they should park in front of councilman, Mitch Englanders, office and stay there since the vendors have his blessing.

  11. If you really like the food vendors, then please let your true intelligence show by inviting the vendors to park in front of your house so they can feed you and your neighbors. Open your bathroom up to them from morning to midnight. Don't worry, they won't go into your daughters' rooms while they are sleeping. Be wise and invite them to park at the curb in front of your home, they need to make money and want you to clean your toilet up after them, once they are finished working for the day. Please help their business, invite them to feed your neighbors on the street where you live. It will be an improvement to the community.

  12. The city is collecting money for parking tickets to clear Chatsworth street of cars so the truck vendors can park there illegally pas the two-hour parking limit. According to Chapter 5 of the Book of Numbers in the King James Bible, the money that the city collects from vehicle owners on Chatsworth street rightly belongs to the merchants who have stores along Chatsworth street and to the property owners. The city should give the money they have collected to the store merchants since the Lord has commanded that the money be given to those who are tresspassed against. Anyone who has made a complaint against the truck vendords is owed money by the city, according to the laws of the Lord.

  13. Aloha roach coach got paid a visit Tuesday night, February 15, 2012 after they were annoying (dare I say intentionally harassing?)locals with their loud music that was heavy on the bass. Hello and goodbye to Aloha roach coach. Real Hawaiians are decent. You must not be real Hawaiians.

  14. In Russia a band of gypsies in vans plotted to loot a neighborhood and laid in wait for months to make their attack. Residents hear of the gypsies' plot and were able to stop the gypsies from doing their Communist-styled raid that they do to get rich quick without having to work for a living, being trashy people with a very low level of intelligence, often unsightly and rotund from being ignorant about food and health (or not caring about health).

    It's wondered if these gypsies in Grananda Hills, who are blocking decent customers along Chatsworth from being able to park and shop along Chatsworth, have a riot planned. They seem to be ill-mannered about parking, about making noise, about blocking permanent store merchants' doorways and yell rather than speak in a normal tone of voice. One of the more belligerent obese truck vendors is known to scream at cars going by.

    "In this economy" one must suspect the gypsies plan to raid the neighborhood. I'm keeping watch, someone has to.


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