Granada Hills Weatherman Promises Granada Hills 100% Chance Of Snow, Plus A Pony

It's gonna snow! It's gonna snow!

Tom Tcimpidis, Granada Hills weather man,
said last night:

North of Point Conception, the snow level will be down to just above the ocean by midday Saturday. Here in Granada Hills Saturday, the snow level should be from 1,000 to 1,500 feet and the temperature high around 43 degrees. After midnight Saturday the snow level should be from 1500 to 2000 feet and the temperature will be around 33 degrees. So, depending on where you are in Granada Hills (I’m at 1,430 feet) and the eventual track the storm takes, it is certainly possible that we may see some snow. However, it is unlikely that any of it will stick substantially as it did in 1978, except at the higher elevations. I’d say there is a 60 percent chance of snow based on the current data.

Then, this morning, Tcimpidis sent this update:

Based on the weather system’s current track and data, the probability of visible snow and the possibility of accumulation thereof has increased for Granada Hills…

Did you hear that?! He promised it would snow! He promised! Christmas is coming!! Get out your sleds!

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  1. I just got back from Ohio where I've been driving in the snow for weeks. As interesting as this will be from an historical point of view, I am not in the mood for anything cold.

    I do hope the kids want to go sled riding though because if it's here, you've got to take advantage of it!

  2. The wife is not too thrilled. We are attending the Chamber Installation dinner tonight and she is planning on wearing a rather thin cocktail dress. Not really thin cocktail dress weather.

  3. The best chance of snow in Granada Hills is from Saturday evening to before dawn on Sunday, right before and after the cold front has moved through. This is a very unstable storm system so snow prediction in our particular area and elevations is difficult. The front passage will also bring dropping temperatures, very strong gusty winds, and the possibility of hail and waterspouts. Whiteout conditions could exist in areas of heavier snow. This is truly a once in a generation storm! I'm currently staying with a snow prediction of 60 percent for Granada Hills in general...

    Oh, and the line for the ponies begins to the left... One to a customer, please.

  4. "Once in a generation storm"? Should I be scared? Is it time to panic? Will you run out of ponies?

  5. Yes, with the combination of rainfall and snow amounts like we will see, the snow level and temperatures being so low, the high winds, possibilty of snow drifts, whiteouts, hail and waterspouts, etc., it is unlike any storm we have seen in this area for many decades.

    But I think there is little to fear here in good ol' GH... We'll not bare the brunt of it.

    Now as to the ponies... We should be ok as long as they don't wash or blow away!

  6. Alas, last minute changes in the tracks and speed of the front have lessened the chance of snow in GH... We may still get some in the high foothills later, however. Sorry! I guess the ponies will have to wait for another oppurtunity.

  7. mean... you're canceling Christmas? But what about the children? And what about the snow ponies? Say it ain't so, mister! Say it ain't so!

  8. It could happen yet. 40 degrees and light rain in Porter Ranch at 7:30 this evening. Get down another 5 or 6 degrees and we could get a light dusting.

  9. There is still an outside chance that we could see some light snow in the upper GH elevations by just before dawn - it's 35 at my location as I write this - but a repeat of 1978 or 1989 is very unlikely unless we get lucky enough to have a particularly unstable and large cell pass over us.

    Rest assured though, I am giving snowchecks for the ponies! Feel better now???


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