Landslide At Sunshine Canyon

The garbage at Sunshine Canyon might make a big mountain, but not a stable one.

According to a letter from Wade Tsuda of Los Angeles Building and Safety, on January 11, "About 4-5 acres near the county scales had fissured and portions of the access road to the county scales and adjacent hillside had slid."

Tsuda's letter described an immense crevasse in the trash, saying the slide had formed an approximately 20 to 25 foot long gap that ranged from 3 to 25 feet deep, and that "there was considerable earth movement and large cracks were visible in the hillside below the offices." Onsite staff buildings were evacuated, and power lines, which fell during the slide, had to be deenergized. There were no reported injuries.

The access road that serves the landfill was damaged by the slide, and was described as "unstable and barricaded." This resulted in a backup of trash trucks to the area, and Valley Traffic was called in to manage the jam on San Fernando Road.

Wayde Hunter, President of the North Valley Coalition, wrote in an email that this landslide was the second incident of this type at the same site.

Hunter said that after the first incident, North Valley Coalition had expressed concern to the city and county regarding the previous soil removal and had asked that soil or cribbing be used to buttress the area in order to prevent a repeat situation.


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