Candidate Interview Series: Mitchell Englander

Today's installment of the CD 12 candidate interview series features Mitchell Englander, Chief of Staff for current Councilman Greig Smith. Englander is the best-funded of all the candidates and the man to beat in this race.


  1. He also has one of the least honest job descriptions on the ballot (see the Daily News Editorial on this)... And we are supposed to trust him as an elected official???

  2. Mitch is the worst thing that could happen to our district on the City Council. Unfortunately, he'll also almost certainly win. So, who does that make the bigger fool, us the electorate, or him...

  3. Why do people support this guy? Seriously. What a bunch of sheep.

  4. Sob story extraordinaire.

  5. Los Angeles should pass whistleblower protection act, just like the City of Chicago did many years ago.
    Maybe it will help expose all the corruption and payoffs.
    This might help reduce the budget deficit.

    Yj Draiman


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