Candidate Interview Series: Dinesh "Danny" Lakhanpal

In today's installment of GigaGranadaHills' candidate interview series, meet Dinesh "Danny" Lakhanpal, the most imaginative of all the candidates I interviewed. Danny's ambitions for CD 12 include building more tourist attractions in the area, getting everyone on electric bikes, and building a monorail along Balboa Boulevard -- "like Disneyland."


  1. Congrats on work you do for advancing local interests... and he sounds like a very good candidate!

    P.S. re my endeavor... USPTO review is complete and APPROVED (I understand formal publication and issuance come within a few weeks or so... happy to share documentation on request). I believe Commons-dedicated Account design and capability greatly expand opportunities for local candidacies and better governance!

    Why Politics MUST be Localized

  2. Imaginative isn't exactly the word I'd choose to describe him. We need viable alternative candidates. This guy is just crazy.

  3. You gotta be kidding me. He claims to have lived in CD 12 for the past 30 years, yet he can't speak English.

    Danny is a joke.


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