Frappuccino (Not So) Happy Hour At Starbucks

Starting today through May 16, Starbucks is offering their "new and improved" Frappuccinos at half price between 3-5pm, and already, employees are bitching about it on the Facebook Page for the event.

Gripes one: "Its gonna suck really bad if your a partner such as myself....especially when you work at a busy store. The new fraps take forever to make."

One commenter said, "The new ones are not nearly as delicious as they used to be. You'll see,"
but another employee didn't see the difference, saying, "I work for Starbucks, and Frappuccinos suck like they always have.

But another employee suggests a solution: "If you're working with shifts/managers who don't care, you could make it in the pitcher instead of the cup. Much easier."

The often lax quality control at Starbucks hasn't made a difference in their bottom line. One poster summarizes it best: "Yes I will be attending, mainly because the drink is only half as good so it should be half the price."

Granada Hills has five Starbucks locations (once again, outnumbering our dispensaries):
  1. Balboa & Knollwood
    11850 Balboa Boulevard

  2. Target Granada Hills
    17055 San Fernando Mission Blvd

  3. Vons Granada Hills
    16830 San Fernando Mission B

  4. Chatsworth & Lindley
    18100 Chatsworth St.

  5. Devonshire & Balboa
    16850 Devonshire Blvd

photo thanks to Epic Fails


  1. Will they have half the calories? The originals were around a 1,000 I think.

  2. I think we'll soon have zero dispensaries, including Mission Hills, no ?


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