Alley Cat Boutique To Close its Doors

The shop many had hoped would spark a new trend for the Old Granada Hills business district on Chatsworth Street, Alley Cat Boutique, is closing its doors after just eleven short months in business.

Owner Jonalyn Cooper (pictured at left), a thirteen-year Granada Hills resident, had said of Granada Hills in a previous interview: "There's a great vision, and there's people that really stand behind that vision. Unfortunately, we're in a situation where that vision cannot come to be because there are certain elements of the city that stand in the way, but we all have a great aspiration of making this small town Granada Hills feeling, that makes it quaint, charming, and lovely, to match the people that live here."

Cooper strove to make a store that also looked like her progressive vision of what Granada Hills could be: in her words, "Quaint charm on the outside, hip and funky inside."

When Alley Cat was just five months old, the shop, a vintage and consignment boutique that prided itself on eclectic and unique offerings ("Not like a Macy's or a Forever 21," in Cooper's words) was voted the Best Resale Vintage/Consignment Shop in Los Angeles in a Fox LA poll. But the shop, much like Granada Hills itself, wound up a story of potential greatness unfulfilled. Cooper couldn't be reached for comment today to verify the cause behind her decision to close the shop, but when GigaGranadaHills last spoke to her approximately three months ago, the shop owner had described business as being "slow."

Many had expressed optimism that the opening of Alley Cat was the harbinger of a renaissance for the Old Granada Hills business district, that its opening would signal another step towards making the town's main street into a pedestrian-friendly, inviting shopping destination, much like Monrovia's Myrtle Street, La Canada's Foothill Boulevard, or Burbank's San Fernando Road.

The shop had also been envisioned as a personal renaissance for the bubbly-yet-business-headed Cooper, who had transitioned from one of least glamorous professions imaginable -- accounting -- to fashion, which she had described as "a passion." In fact, Cooper had aspirations of creating a mini-fashion empire in Granada Hills. Upon the hoped-for success of Alley Cat, Cooper's desire was to expand in to a multi-store operation that also would have included "a childrens' boutique and a shop with high-end dressy suits for men."

In an email sent to the shop's mailing list members today, Cooper said:

"It is with a saddened heart to announce to you that Alley Cat Boutique is closing its doors. I am deeply grateful to all of my loyal customers and clients who have made Alley Cat Boutique what it was; an Upscale Resale, Consignment and More Store. I have made MANY treasured friends and shared many blessings because of all of you and I thank you for that.

When one door closes another always opens. My family is walking through a new open door, one with great adventure. I wish for all of you, peace, love, hope and joy."

The shop will have an "everything must go" closing sale this Saturday, May 8 from 10am - 3pm, where prices will be discounted to 75% off.

Alley Cat Boutique is located at 17806 Chatsworth Street, Granada Hills.


  1. Hmm... Could have been a problem with advertising or getting the word out? I am in the fashion industry, and live ON chatsworth street, and had no idea this place even existed. I would have checked it out for sure!! And spread the word. We are in need of places like this in our neighborhood!

  2. What Christina says is true. I've grown up in Granada Hills; I live a block away from Chatsworth street and have never heard of this store.

  3. The one time I was in there, the owner was too busy chatting with her friends to acknowledge me or my mother. We didn't get a friendly hello or anything.

  4. There are stores for rent all over GH. Sad sign of the times!

  5. Agree with Christina, I too work in fashion and live in the city. Never heard of the store unfortunately. Would have totally checked it out had I known.

  6. Well how do you win the "FOX-Best Of" poll without good advertising?
    This was a great store. And right on the main drag. Perhaps those that live in Granada Hills and say they never heard of it must not have been shopping locally.

  7. I miss Jonalyn and her store. It was nice to have a place where you can go and score on great deals. I was also a consignor with her and made some good extra cash. As far as not being friendly, that doesn't sound like her at all. I know for a fact that she went out of her way to make you feel like home.


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