The Granada Hills Holiday Parade, 2010 Style

I've always wanted the GH Parade to have a little more Doo Dah and little less rah-rah, and this year, it edged ever so slightly in the right direction.

The parade's theme, "Favorite Holiday Toys," brought some playful Festivus spirit to Chatsworth Street, including a huge pack of Legos, Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots, and several much-needed vuvuzelas. Oh, and the Boy Scout troop that played the punk rock Xmas carols were certainly out to win my heart—I gave them bonus points for blasting a hardcore version of "The Twelve Days Of Christmas."

Like I've always said about the Granada Hills Parade: it's long, it's boring, it's corny, and it's OURS. It's no Tournament of Roses, but every year, it still makes me glad I live here.

And the award for sexiest knees goes to Steve Steinberg of GHNNC!

Dude looks like a lady.

Me and weatherman Tom Tcimpidis in the judges' booth. I asked him to do something about the rain, but he stubbornly refused.


One of the most creative entries in the parade. Full of DIY spirit and true to the theme.

The nudity and adult novelties I was promised never materialized. Maybe that's a good thing.

These skinny dippers have all of their clothes on! I want my money back!

Festive spray snow or poor man's whitewalls? You be the judge.

Size matters not.

Rock'em, sock' em!

Vuvuzelas! From the INSIDE of the parade! Now that's turning the tables.

Lucie Volotzky's "float" -- more of an ad, really --
featured a picture of her seductively caressing a
mattress and had a sign that said, "Ask me about my special offer!"
Ms. Volotsky, this is a family parade!

The rainclouds saved their worst for after nightfall.

This man takes his job very seriously.


  1. Very nice, Linda - thanks for your work.

    All the best,

    Brad and Maria

  2. Good work, Linda! I'm working on collecting photos to put up on the GHSNC and GHNNC Websites. I'll let you know when they are posted.

  3. Sorry it took me so long -- shoulda used one-hour photo.

  4. I was wondering if you had any pics from the Charro Groups that came out. thanks!

  5. I had a great time judging and look forward to being back next year to do so again! Thanks to my fellow judges Linda and Melissa! Now that I have more lead time, I'll work on the weather for next year...

    P.S. Yesterday we broke the all-time high temperature for that date in Granada Hills...


  6. Anymore Pictures?

  7. Sorry, it was tough to judge and photograph at the same time.


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