Hows It Going To End?

Hows Market is still open and will remain so for the foreseeable future, but the chain, which includes a Granada Hills location, has been put up for sale.

"We're getting by with less help," said Eric Oerum, manager of the Granada Hills Hows, which has had to let some employees go. Otherwise, it will be business as usual at the store.

"Hopefully, we'll be able to keep the stores open," said an employee at the corporate office, who declined to give his name, and said he could not provide any information about any prospective buyer at this time.

Photo lifted from runchadrun on flickr


  1. Horrible, awful, terrible news. I do not want to hear that right now. I hope the chain sells. But the Hughes and Oerum family have been awfully good to this community over the years.

  2. It's a good local market!

    Maybe neighbors can think of additional products or revenue sources that it would be helpful to have so nearby? Has the 'tri-tip' angle been profitable?

    Or local residents could come up with some inexpensive and appetizing concoctions... make them and sell on consignment! Build a grassroots mini-economy(don't be scared by regulations... there's ways to make it legal and as safe as any street faire...)

    I'll bet there's people right in this area who'd love the chance to make a few extra bucks, keep the market... and build the neighborhood.

    Geez, could end up having the neighbors buy the market! (just spinning ideas... but that's what communities used to do... and still can with the right frameworks for interaction.)

  3. Unfortunately, Linda and I have been expecting such an announcement. The decrease in staff and familiar faces has been obvious at How's for some time now. All the added competition from the expanded Target, the expanding Walmart, the upcoming Sprouts and others, coupled with the continued bad economy, has surely taken a toll.

    If How's does close, it will likely be only a short time before the Knollwood Shopping Center is also put up for sale since it can't survive without a major anchor store such as How's... It's already hobbling along much like Granada Village has been doing for some time... (By the way, anyone think we'll EVER see that traffic light?...)

    Tom and Linda


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