Granada-Hills-Based Charity Operation Blankets Of Love Featured On Animal Planet

The things I miss by not having cable. To wit, Animal Planet's Pit Boss:
"Shorty, aptly named, and his three cohorts happen to be little people with the biggest hearts for these adorable dogs, who often are bigger than they are... Pit Boss follows the everyday drama and joy of these buddies and business partners as they hit the streets of Los Angeles in their fight to overcome stereotypes — for themselves and the pit bulls they save."
The interesting thing about this program — aside from the obvious question of how many screenwriter suicides can be directly attributed to the green-lighting of unscripted shows just like this one — is that it features Granada Hills' own Eileen Smulson of Operation Blankets of Love, doing what she does best -- providing comfort to shelter animals.

American entertainment has come a long way since the days of circus sideshows. It's thoroughly tickling that we can now turn the channel to watch little people performing generous acts of charity and concern for the well being of animals, or, if we're just in the mood for a point-and-laugh freakshow, click over to Jersey Shore.

P.S. I almost titled this post "Midgets and Pits," but that was before I read this piece on the always-fascinating Roger Ebert's site. Sorry for not knowing that was bad.

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