Where Will The Rite Aid Go?

At an open house last week, Regency Centers unveiled plans for a reshuffled Granada Village Shopping Center, which will include a new Sprouts supermarket and relocating Rite Aid to the center's northeast corner, along Zelzah Street just north of Chatsworth.

Cheerful artist's renderings of the Village's reopening on display at the event depicted the now-lifeless east end of the shopping center reimagined as a bright and bustling destination during a future in which everyone will drive either a tan AMC Gremlin or a grey Hyundai Excel.

Old-timey Granada Hillsians may remember the incipient Rite Aid location as the former home of the Granada Brunswick Lanes and the place where David Lula had his 6th birthday party and I spilled my root beer all over the table. More recently, the site was home to a Ralph's supermarket that was consistently humiliated by its flashier and more popular big sister across the street, and most contentiously, the site of an abrogated Kohl's department store.

Many years after the noise of fighting has died down, the overwhelming sentiment at present seems to be that the space just needs to be filled with something — anything — that will drown out the echoing rattle of desolate vacancy and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity.

Construction equipment should do nicely to fill up the silence; beginning in just a few short weeks, plans are in place to begin construction on the new stores and to tear up the existing Granada Village parking lot in stages in order to get at and refurbish the pipes and wires underneath.

Granada Village's new stores are expected to open in Fall of 2011.


  1. Looks great. Now if the owners of the How's Shopping Center would only take heed.

  2. Is the Post Office going to shut down? Will it be there after the renovation?

  3. The major stuff is all happening on the north edge, parallel to Chatsworth. Nothing major is going on by the post office, at least that is my understanding.

  4. Well, there will be another building there to fill now too: Blockbuster has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection so that it can get out from under its crippling $1 billion in debt. The company says it plans to continue other parts of its business, though, such as kiosks and its online DVD-by-mail service.

  5. Years ago, wasn't there a Western Wear store there, I'll be glad to see some new stores in that shopping center....Hey I want to lobby for a Bob's Big Boy at the site of the 'ol Bakers Square/DuPar's location.

  6. It would be great to get some restaurants in the are. No more burger joints. Something family friendly. Not fast food junk.

  7. Finally I leave near that shopping area and that place is dead/sucks the owner doesn't know how to make business there, It should be sort of like the fallbrook mall or porter ranch shopping center and yes with restaurants. We need a plaza/shopping center with ice store everyone will go to like the old days with movie theater and a bowling ally and Dave and buster, Somewhere people can hang out. It's perfect since theres a high school right by it.

  8. I want a DAve And Busters there or a sports bar, club, theater, and other stores people love going all ages like best buy type of store and other hang out places for teens and young adults to go hang out since theres a hs there and food trucks.


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