We're Number 151! We're Number 151!

Here's another reason why I don't cover crime: our paper of record is doing a better job than I ever possibly could.

The L.A. Times this morning unveiled a new database that maps and analyzes crime data from all over L.A.
In neighborhood crime rankings, of 206 Los Angeles neighborhoods, Granada Hills comes in at 151. That's not too shabby.

Disturbingly, the database reports a recent uptick in violent crime in our neighboring Northridge. However, Greg Ridgeway, director of Rand Corp.'s Center on Quality Policing, is quoted in the Times' story cautioning that "a spike in the number of reported crimes might be the result of an increased police presence in an area, or it could be a sign of improved cooperation between police and residents who were once distrustful or reluctant to share information with officers."

See the L.A. Times crime database here.


  1. Along those same lines, Part 1 crimes in Devonshire Area (which includes GHSNC and GHNNC, obviously) are down YTD over 2009 - homicide is down 83 percent, rape 35 percent, robbery 8 percent, aggravated assault 28 percent; total violent crime is down 19 percent. The single homicide is still being investigated, but may actually be an accidental shooting, according to LAPD. Child/spousal abuse reports (Parts 1 and 2) is down 21 percent.

    Property crimes are up overall YTD 9 percent; these include burglaries, GTA, BTFV, and personal/other theft.

    Total Part 1 arrests are up 10 percent; with the violent crime arrests decreasing in proportion to the decline in violent crime, the increase has been in property arrests (larceny and auto theft, for example) are up by 25 and 18 percent, respectively.

    These are LAPD figures as of 08-28-10.


    Brad Smith


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