Mmm, Octopus Balls!

I'm actually quite creeped out by octopi, with their flailing, tapered tentacles and that powerful beak lurking somewhere underneath that curling tangle of menacing suction cups they call legs. So surely you can imagine that for me, the idea of octopus balls has even less appeal.

But then came takoyaki. No wrihting tentacles, no threatening suction cups -- just a really nice tasting Japanese style omelet!

The stated goal of the owners of the Tanota Takoyaki Truck is to make this Osaka street food to become as commonly known and loved as sushi is now. According to their their mission statement,
We want everyone from all over the world to actually eat and experience how awesome this “Takoyaki” thing is and spread the word to the world.

They'll be spreading plenty of it around Granada Hills this Saturday, anyhoo, and I'm pretty sure this truck will be my first stop at the Food Truck Fest, because they make it sound really good:

At Tanota our Takoyaki shell is based from a traditional egg and flour base but with a little bit of original touch to it.

We add a secret chicken base soup to the base which makes our Takoyaki even better.
At the end when the Takoyaki is cooked the shell will have a puffy kind of feel but on the inside it’ll have a melty soft kind of feel to it.

Be careful because the melty soft inside can be very hot!

The ingredients of our Takoyaki are………Octopus, Green Onions, Ginger, Tempura pieces.

They are topped with…….Our special Tanota Original sauce, Mayo, Dried Seaweed, and some more Green Onions.

Granada Hills Movie Night And Food Truck Fest is this Saturday, Sept. 11 at Granada Hills Recreation Center, 16730 Chatsworth St., Granada Hills. Admission is free. Food Trucks start serving at 6pm, a screening of The Incredibles begins at dusk.


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