Komodo Truck

"Dangerously Good Food" is the tagline for the Komodo Truck, and food blogger Arianna of Food Truck Times agrees:

My Blazin’ Shrimp set my mouth on fire (in a good way). There must’ve been about a billion perfectly cooked shrimp tucked inside a large flour tortilla, coated with just the right amount of scorching hot sauce (roasted chilis maybe, and black pepper?). Cuddled in with the crustaceans was lettuce, julienne-sliced red bell pepper, and a light dousing of “sour cream salad” (I don’t really know what that means, either). It was so huge I couldn’t finish it all (although I tried – I really did).

Granada Hills Movie Night And Food Truck Fest is this Saturday, Sept. 11 at Granada Hills Recreation Center, 16730 Chatsworth St., Granada Hills. Admission is free. Food Trucks start serving at 6pm, a screening of The Incredibles begins at dusk.


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