GHCHS 50th Anniversary With Ersatz, Wind and Fire!

On the weekend of November 5, Granada Hills Charter High School will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a parade, football game, and community festival, culminating in a concert by an Earth, Wind & Fire tribute band.

Now, before you get all, "Tribute band!? Tribute bands always suck!" -- just compare this video of "The Earth Wind And Fire Experience," below:

To this video of the actual Earth Wind & Fire playing for Barack Obama at the White House. The only online clip of the performance I could find was from The Daily Show; EW&T must have scrubbed all of the Internet's other clips because... well, you'll see.

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Watching this, I think that the tribute band is actually the safer bet. And if they're as good as their video, it should actually be a pretty rockin' show.

For more info on the upcoming festivities, click here.


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