Del's Lemonade: Stop At The Sign Of The Lemon

Apparently, Del's Lemonade, a participant in this Saturday's Food Truck Fest and Movie Night, has a cult-like following -- this is a regional treat from Rhode Island that Californians need to be instructed on. Asserts one aggressive Yelp reviewer:

There is nothing else like a Del's.

Lemon ice? I'll slap you! Lemonade? I question your parentage!

Del's is in a class of its own. It's frozen lemon bliss is what it is. How they manage the perfect ratio of lemony goodness to ice to sweetness is a question best left to NASA...or the Rand Corporation.

They manage to avoid the trend of being sickly sweet or face-twistingly tart....and what you get is fresh, frozen, with bits of lemon.

I want one right now.

Granada Hills Movie Night And Food Truck Fest is this Saturday, Sept. 11 at Granada Hills Recreation Center, 16730 Chatsworth St., Granada Hills. Admission is free. Food Trucks start serving at 6pm, a screening of The Incredibles begins at dusk.


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