Northridge Vision Survey

Usually I try to keep this blog very Granada Hills focused, but for the moment I'm going to stop pretending that we live in a fortress of solitude.

We share a border with Northridge, and Granada Hills residents go there so often to shop, eat, work, or go to school, so what they choose to do there really matters here.

The Northridge Vision Plan website says that they have:

launched an aggressive campaign to establish a vision and develop a strategic plan for the community of Northridge and Northridge Business District. The vision will consider community goals, the existing Northridge Community Plan and business/tenant mix, local and regional demographics, potential for public and private redevelopment, and prior initiatives. The vision will also focus on the Cal State University Northridge campus as the hub of the community—how best to develop the “college town” personality and synergies between the university’s new performing arts center, and a walkable “village” area of the business district.

A "walkable village area" sounds fabulous to me. Poke around the site, check out their surveys, and feel envious of the fact that this website makes their town seem so much more sophisticated than ours.

Hat tip Brad Smith!


  1. Having attended numerous North Granada Hills, Porter Ranch and Northridge Neighborhood Council meetings, I'm not surprised that Northridge has set path on a very good community plan and presentation. I've been impressed by both Northridge and Porter Ranch's meeting, but North Granada Hills is a different matter. I stopped going to theirs about two years ago but it seemed that they were primarily interested in fighting among themselves, spending their funds only on a needless office, and shouting down any Stakeholders who dared question them! No wonder they and North Granada Hills have little to show for it.

  2. Another great and very interesting Northridge site is


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