Donate Food, Get Food!

Get a free taco and medium drink at Taco Bell this Wednesday!

On August 18, anyone who donates five nonperishable food items at Taco Bell on Woodley and San Fernando Mission gets a free lunch from the food 4 food drive.

In a partnership with the Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council, the San Fernando Valley Jaycees will be collecting donations for The Valley Interfaith Council's Food Pantry Coalition.

“With the economic downturn, it’s a really tough time right now for many local families. We’re
very happy to join the Encino Chamber of Commerce and the Valley Interfaith Council to help
these families put nutritious food on the table,” says SFV Jaycees President Vickie Bourdas.

In addition, three McDonald’s locations in Encino and Tarzana will be giving away a free smoothie, and Togo’s of Woodland Hills will give a free mini classic sandwich.

Donations will also be accepted at the San Fernando Valley Jaycees booth at the Warner Center Concerts in the Park on August 15th, at Porter Ranch Pharmacy, Powerhouse Gym in Chatsworth, 7-Eleven in Porter Ranch, and California Pizza Kitchen will be accepting donations at their location in the Northridge Fashion Center.

Non-perishable food items include canned foods, rice, oatmeal, boxed cereals, boxed breakfast bars, and boxed pasta.

Businesses interested in participating may contact Vahid Khorsand at 818-437-0459 or

food 4 food locations:

Taco Bell
11101 Woodley Ave (Woodley & San Fernando Mission), Granada Hills


15700 Ventura Blvd (Haskell & Ventura), Encino
17641 Ventura Blvd (White Oak & Ventura), Encino
18909 Ventura Blvd (Wilbur & Ventura), Tarzana

21506 Victory Blvd, Woodland Hills


  1. Thank you for the post!

  2. All you write about is food! You must be one fat slob!

  3. Food Advertisement = Commision Check for Linda Williamson. Doesn't that seem a bit sneaky??? Shame on you Linda making money off your blog readers by advertising food on your blogs.. Hidden Agenda for Linda obviously!

  4. And for some readers, you should just go drop a few cans in one of the above fast food places without looking for something free, just because it's the right thing to do...

  5. Yes, quite sneaky to "advertise" a charitable event benefiting the needy, sponsored by my fellow "fat slobs" at the Valley Interfaith Council's Food Pantry Coalition. Perhaps you can phone the Jaycees at the number above and criticize their interest in food as well. How clever of you to spot my hidden agenda.

  6. Vahid (2010 SFV Jaycees Treasurer & food drive chair)August 20, 2010 at 8:59 AM

    I don't know why anyone would criticize L.J. on this.
    She did not know anything about this event until I emailed asking for support.
    I am the chair of this week long, west valley wide, food drive. I am the treasurer of the SFV Jaycees, and a Granada Hills resident.
    The goal of the project was to raise as many non-perishable food items as possible for the Valley Interfaith Council's food pantry coalition.
    Instead of ripping on L.J. there should be a lot of praise. Some other blogs (mainly commercial blogs) and local papers did not mention the food drive at all.
    I did not pay L.J for this post, she did not ask to be paid, she made the post to help us raise awareness of the drive and help raise food for the thousands of families in the valley that go hungry EVERYDAY. And I can't imagine the owners of the franchise restaurants paying for advertising for this project when they were giving food away. In fact, I know they didn't pay for advertising because they told me they would not do anything more than post flyers and give out a free item
    Thanks L.J. for your support!

  7. Oh Linda - if you're a fat slob, I'm an enormous, overfed, obese hog. I'm bigger than the Whistling Pig truck.

    Oh, I suppose you wear Gap jeans too, huh? I didn't know they made them in our sizes!


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