An Evening with Fred Rated!

Remember the old, frantic, gleefully loopy TV commercials for The Federated Group? Those were made by filmmaker and Granada Hills resident Chuck Cirino.

Cinefamily is hosting A Tribute To Shadoe Stevens tomorrow night, June 15, and you can relive the speed-freaky memories in all their glory.

Shadoe Stevens, director Chuck Cirino and the rest of the "Fred Rated"/Shadoevision brain trust will all be here at the Cinefamily for a Q&A after the screening!

6/15 @ 8:00pm
TV Tuesday:
A Tribute To Shadoe Stevens
(feat. "Federated Group" Commercials Best-Of &Shadoevision!)
Who knew that commercials could be this much fun?! One of the most berserk, outrageous and unforgettable TV comedies of the 1980s, doled out thirty seconds at a time, was the unending series of wacky, ultra-fast-paced commercial spots for the So Cal electronics chain The Federated Group that starred "Fred Rated", the half-insane "Bass-O-Matic"-style spokesman with a smooth baritone and a suave smile (played by broadcasting legend Shadoe Stevens). Before he was the voice of "Hollywood Squares", Stevens and his round-the-clock gung-ho skeleton crew tirelessly cranked out highly memorable, frenetic nuggets of dadaist Monty Python-esque video art disguised in the form of VCR and car stereo ads -- amassing the astounding figure of over 1000 genius commercials in the span of just a few years, and leaving an indelible mark on the psyche of every L.A. TV-watcher. Join us as we pay tribute to Shadoe and his "Fred Rated" team by screening the definitive "best of Fred" reel, followed byShadoevision, the even-more-bonkers 1986 sci-fi comedy cable special that, in the words of Shadoe, "pioneered new experiences in psychological entertaiment!"

Tickets - $12>


  1. I hope you show up, Linda. It's going to be a very fast paced evening.


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