Local Ralph's Markets Accused Of Overcharging By City Attorney

The Daily News reported today that the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office has charged Ralphs Supermarkets with a series of misdemeanors for allegedly overcharging customers for prepackaged and weighed products after conducting tests at 14 Ralphs locations, two of which were in Granada Hills.

The Daily News reported that "During an inspection at a Granada Hills store, an inspector purchased four packages of fried chicken that were labeled at 30 ounces, but the actual weight was short by 3.5 percent per package, according to the City Attorney's Office."

The Granada Hills Ralphs locations involved with the misdemeanor violations are 16940 Devonshire St. and 18101 Chatsworth St.

Thanks to Shaggy Spy for the tip

Read more at Daily News.com


  1. Sometimes I have no choice but to shop at these two markets and I am not surprised. These two store might be the worst run supermarkets I have every shopped. The workers are clueless and the management is a joke.

  2. bad scales at Ralph's? Finally, Justice! I wonder who didn't pay what bribe to who, when?

  3. They also do bait & Switch on their 8-hour sales. Watch it at the cash register.

  4. The Ralphs in Palm Springs, CA just did one of those bait and switch tactics during their big "sale" on Friday, June 18.
    Ad said vine ripe tomatoes $1.99; charged $3.99
    Alaskan salmon, ad said $4.99/lb. Charged $8.99
    on and on and on. Manager said to people, "You don't have to shop here if you don't like it."
    Okay, then.


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