Final Phase of High School #4 Construction

LAUSD is closer to completion of the new high school being built on Balboa Boulevard north of Devonshire, and there'll be a public meeting providing residents with a construction update and a forum for addressing questions about the new school on Tuesday, May 25 from 6:30-8pm.

The construction will cause sidewalk and lane closures along Balboa Boulevard, San Jose, and Genesta throughout July and August and some nighttime construction work in May.

In other words: Yay! More traffic on Balboa!


  1. More importantly, Granada Hills Charter should NOT, under ANY circumstances be allowed to take over this new school. It's not their "east" campus. It should have nothing to do with them and the community needs to pay attention to that.

    It's not the Granada Hills High that we knew as kids!

  2. Another school with virtually no on-site parking that will lead to inevitable problems for GH residents. Tell me again why, with declining enrollment, why we needed another school! We certainly need another hospital and trauma center FAR worse!

  3. GH Charter certainly could not do a worse job than LAUSD!... If they want it, I'm all for letting them have it!

  4. It Just frustrates myself, every time I drive by, Remembering the Old GH Hospital that once stood there. We far needed the Hospital to be at that Location, than another School. With declining enrollments, how this school will serve the community more than a Hospital would, is beyond me.Granada Hills Hospital was always very busy, it was just poorly managed by the Board, and was unable to pay their bills.
    Parking,Traffic, and Students walking all around Balboa 5 days a week, is not something that I look forward too. I cant see how this SMALL Space, will be any type of Productive "High" school? No Space for a Field to have that High School Feeling. Great All Class and No Physical Education/Sports/Track/Team Building and Spirit is NOT what we Need. With the Students walking around a street like Balboa Daily, Safety is a MAJOR Concern. Not a Good Place for a High School At All.

  5. Can anyone imagine what Balboa Blvd will be like during the so called Rush Hour and "Anti-GridLock" Zones that Balboa already has from 3-7PM? We cant park on Balboa During the Rush Hour Times, so where will the Students/Family Members who do Pick-ups Park? Its going to be a Real Life Traffic and Safety Nightmare for Everyone. Can You say "House/Community For Sale-Cheap"

  6. The alternative to this site was LAUSD using eminent domain to seize single family homes in the area. The community was in arms about that. The hospital site became available and LAUSD jumped on it.

    As to a charter school, the existing GHHS charter school is widely recognized as being one of the most desirable schools in the district to get your kid into. I understand why teachers wouldn't want to replicate the model but fail to understand why parents would not support a charter school here.


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