Epic Fail At Thrifty Gas

According to a report at ABC 7 News, a huge snafu at Thrifty Gas at Balboa and Rinaldi left a herd of disabled cars in its wake this morning.

Apparently, the driver of a fuel delivery tanker mistakenly put diesel in the station's unleaded tank, and in turn, several drivers filled their tanks with diesel fuel, causing their cars to stall.

My favorite part of ABC7's report: "While people were still filling up with diesel, Thrifty employees said nothing to the customers. They just taped small signs on all the pumps and went back inside. The employees are in there hiding out, the owner's hiding out...."

Hopefully, the victims of this witless move will be compensated for their repair bills, but no word on that yet.

ABC 7 News link here.

Thanks to Tom Tcimpidis for this tip!


  1. I remember as a Kid working at the Union 76 Station on Balboa and Lassen. Those were the Good Ol Days when Self Serve and Full Serve were the same price. I guess thats what happens when every station is at Self Serve. We loose that Caring Feeling. Anyone want Their Window's Done,Air Checked and Fluids Topped Off?? Yeah, Thoses were the Good Ol "Service" Days!!!

  2. that sounds just like californians.....it is so sad that people just dont care......if it doesnt directly effect them then its not their problem.....sad....


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