Could Pump Top TV Be MORE Annoying?

Pump Top TV, the company that seeks to bring us one step closer to a world in which television commercials occupy your every waking moment, just got a little bit more annoying.

You've probably seen the video monitors atop gas station pumps, such as those at the Shell on the corner of San Fernando Mission and Balboa, blaring BUY MORE STUFF messages while you, a captive of the gas pump, are already, in fact, engaged in the process of buying something at that very moment.

Pump Top TV's next move is to also blare DO MORE EXERCISE messages to helpless pump prisoners, in videos such as the one above. Hey, I'm all for exercise, but do they really think a 30-second burst while filling the tank is going to do anything but make people feel guilty, inadequate, frustrated, or just plain dorky?

This afternoon, to kick off their campaign, Pump Top TV will be pulling the "funky, wacky stunt" of posting Body By Jake exercise instructors at a Shell Station in Burbank to enforce the misery.

If you find yourself in Burbank today at noon, drop in at Shell, 3020 W. Olive Ave., Burbank, CA 91505 with your morbidly obese, Rascal-bound cousin, and defy the Body By Jake (tm) trainers to whip him into shape while you top off your tank.


  1. you are a riot, thanks

  2. I am going for dorky and you can catch me, personally, at the Chevron on the corner of Balboa and Rinaldi doing my lunges while I'm waiting for the stupid mom van to fill up with gas!

  3. When an advertiser starts generating "content", it means they can't sell ads.

    My favorite ad idea ever was heat activated ink on cigarettes, so they would turn into ads when you lit them.

  4. What's even funnier is that I provided the video facilities to shoot these! But no, I had nothing to do with the "commercials"...

  5. When the shell station here on the corner remodeled and put in those awful TVs, I decided to take my business to either the Union 76 or Mobil station across the street. I rarely buy from that Shell station anymore.

  6. I very rarely buy gas at either the Union or the Chevron at Balboa and Rinaldi. Both are over priced. When I can go a mile south or east and usually save 10 cents per gallon or so, why should I?

    Better yet, I try to time my gas purchases to coincide with my Costco runs. Typical savings there is 25 to 30 cents a gallon...


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