GigaGranadaHills Welcomes New Sponsor Faces By Fern

GigaGranadaHills is pleased to welcome Faces By Fern to the GGH family of sponsors!

Fern Burg, who is offering a special discount to GigaGranadaHills readers on her spa facials (see the lovely green box at right), is originally from Chicago and moved to the Valley when she was 8 years old, "But I consider myself a Californian," Fern says. "I love the Valley -- we have everything we need right here!"

Fern received her aesthetician training at Newberry School of Beauty in Granada Hills, and prides herself on keeping up to date with the latest in beauty tech. "I recently acquired a unique device which allows me to gently peel my client's dead surface skin cells, and then -- on a different setting, effectively penetrate active, healthful ingredients into their skin."

Fern says, "I love my work, love what I do, and get a lot of pleasure from my happy and satisfied clients. I am a nurturing person and I connect easily with others, so I believe I am very well suited to this work. I am happy when I am working, and I have a strong desire to meet my client's expectations."

Fern also keeps a blog at her website:

Take advantage of this special readers-only discount while it lasts!


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