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Relive Childhood Trauma At Porter Middle School Friday

Tomorrow, Friday, April 23, Porter Middle School will host a 50th anniversary celebration, which is open to all former students and faculty.

Dennis McCarthy of The Daily News writes, "If you're a former student or faculty member at Porter Middle School in Granada Hills, you're invited back to school Friday for a 50th anniversary stop by and visit with others who were just as miserable in junior high as you were.

I'm not sure everyone was as miserable as I was; in fact, I'm convinced that I was the most uniquely miserable of them all. You probably are too.

The reunion will be Friday from 10:30a.m. until 1 p.m., at Porter, 15960 Kingsbury St. Granada Hills.

Thanks Dennis McCarthy of


  1. So sorry I missed this!!!! Hope you have another one soon. Jennifer Stief - class of 1977


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