Reprazentin' At City Hall

The Daily News has a nice little photo spread on today's budget meetings discussing funding for the neighborhood councils, and boy do things look uppity. But check out this photo:

Behind the ranting and raving Robert Cherno, in the upper right, is that Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council's own Sue DeVandry?

You go girl! Reprazent for the GH!


  1. That was the press conference that took place before the Budget and Finance meeting. And why did all of those reporters sit on the ground and point cameras up their noses? I'm not sure if they were lazy and needed to sit down or if they wanted to have nose hair videos on YouTube forever..

    I loved the way Sue was staying away from the seriously depraved Mr. Cherno. Not that she was scared, after all he was on crutches, but there was one time when she mumbled something to him about, "Go away you rude man". He wasn't making a whole lot of sense and he was passing out papers that had information that wasn't entirely accurate, but hey -- democracy in action I guess... He was protesting.

    Some of the people in that circle were hurting their cause by talking about the money they give away to unnecessary non-profits, city agencies who have their own budgets, gifting money to schools and police, both of who have their own budgets. I really think that in the middle of this serious budget crisis, bragging about giving General Fund money away to LAUSD, which has nothing to do with City of LA money AND has their own budgets and fund-raising branches, like PTA's, contributed to the committee deciding that some neighborhood councils weren't using the money for what it was intended to be used for, such as mobilizing the neighborhoods, office space, making copies, paying for gas for volunteers to drive downtown every time they need to attend a hearing, etc.

    I would love to debate someone on that issue!

    Now you should find Sue's actual testimony. She really did rock with her speech even after they cut our comments from 2 minutes to 1 minute. Sue just talked faster and got it all in.

    By 5 in the afternoon, we were begging her to let us go home (we were all stuck because she drove) -- but nooo, she made us stay until she had spoken her piece.

    It would be awfully cool if we had about 25 more Sue DeVandry's in the neighborhood.

    Geno - I'm kidding. We didn't beg her to leave.

  2. It was an honor to drive some of the most dedicated people I know downtown to the Budget and Finance Meeting. GHNNC Board Member Bill Hopkins, GHSNC Board Member Jim Sommers and of course my mentor, Kim Thompson, who always amazes me with her knowledge of City Hall and the important members in City Government. Also joining us at City Hall was GHNNC Board President Leon Marzillier. GHNNC Board Member Wayde Hunter was also present and spoke on behalf of the Environmental Affairs Department.

    I know every time there is an important issue coming before the City Council that will have an impact on Granada Hills North, Kim and Wayde will be there fighting as hard as they can to do what is right for the neighborhood.

    This is why Neighborhood Councils were formed. This is what Neighborhood Councils do. Get involved in your Neighborhood Council. We are always looking for Stakeholders to be on our committees. Check us out at

    One way you can get involved in your community is to come to the next GHNNC Board Meeting on Feb. 22 and meet the candidates who have signed up to run for the GHNNC Board for the next two years. Then vote for your favorite candidates on March 2nd.

    Sue DeVandry
    GHNNC Outreach Chairperson
    (P.S. Yes Linda, that was me in the picture.)LOL

  3. Oh Sue, you're so sweet. Now let's go to the Sugar Suite and have a drink!


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