What Does The Granada Hills Holiday Parade Have In Common With The Hollywood Christmas Parade?

In this morning's Los Angeles Times, an article that could easily be describing the Granada Hills Holiday Parade, but was actually about the Hollywood Christmas Parade, spoke admiringly of the parade's "down-home charm."

"There is a certain magic in turning a street from its usual traffic. It promises something special, a departure from daily business: a holiday, a party....

"Apart from sitting city officials, it relies on second- and third-tier celebrities to fill the slowly driven classic convertibles that alternate with the marching bands, big balloons, equestrian troops and floats."

Read the full article here.


  1. I thought they weren't doing that parade anymore!

  2. Also in common: harassing residents by impounding their otherwise legally parked cars and closing streets.

    How much $$$ does the city make from all the towing?

  3. I believe in closing the street once or twice a year. Once or twice a year, we can reasonably expect residents to move their cars aside for a special event. And what does "otherwise legally" mean? You mean it would be legal on any other day? A parade day is NOT any other day -- that's the point of the thing. Move your car out of the way of the parade. Some things are more important than convenience.


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