Granada Hills' Cheap Thrills: Drugstore Christmas

Sure, you could get all Martha-Stewarty about your Christmas decorations, go the tasteful and elegant route, but to me, Christmas is something you buy at the drugstore. Besides, the less you spend on decorations, the more you have for what's really important: gifts. Here are a few of the choicest selections from Granada Hills drugstores, all less than five bucks a piece.

You can't beat tinsel garland on bang for the buck -- 18 feet for $2.99!

CVS on Balboa and Devonshire has garland that's die-cut and shiny!

Deck the halls, and deck yourself -- Walgreens "Jingle Bell Jewelry" bracelets are two for three bucks: keep one, give one.

Nothing says elegance like a glitter-covered mini-chandelier for your tree. $3.99 at CVS.

The 99 Cent Store has sequins on their balls... and how many people can say that? This place has got walls of balls....

But Walgreens has the biggest balls of them all. Sorry Santa, but it's true.


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