Why The Long Fence?

Our little green triangle is under construction.

Everyone in Granada Hills knows it, but few have ever walked in it, and even fewer know that the tiny green space at the intersection of Zelzah and Chatsworth has a name: Granada Hills Veterans Memorial Park.

The back side of the "Welcome To Granada Hills" sign in the park has a plaque paying tribute to Granada Hills residents who died in Vietnam, and the area is about to receive more items of tribute: bricks engraved with veterans' names', and a brass statue of a little boy giving a bear hug to a folded American flag. According to SFV News, the statue was donated by Jake Parunyan, owner of Kenn Cleaners.


  1. Love the blog, keep up the good work. Hope to see some awesome advancements in good ol GH.

    On a cheesy note, a Menchies yogurt is opening in this very spot.

  2. A couple other notes about the VMP. The GH Rotary Club has done a marvelous job of undertaking and financing this project. The rocks supporting the Welcome to Granada Hills sign will be saved and reused. They come from all 50 states and were part of a student project when the sign was first installed.


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