Kogi Is Coming -- STAY HOME!

Maybe I'm fickle, but I think the romance is over between Mr. Kogi and me. I mean, he never returns my calls -- even when I give him tons of free advertising!

So tonight, even though the Kogi truck will be in Granada Hills once again at that unreasonable 10:30p.m. time slot, my recommendation is that you stay home, enjoying the pitter-patter sound of rain on your roof, with a cup of hot cocoa, a Duraflame, and this recipe for making your own Kogi-style tacos at home from ChannelIPA.com. Stay dry, and enjoy!


  1. Hey, there..that was rough but I guess Mr. or Mrs. Kogi truck shoulda got back to you eh?

  2. I emailed them and said, "I run a blog about Granada Hills, let me know when you're going to be here and I'll put it up on my page." Their response was basically, "That's nice." So apparently they don't need my help...


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