The Granada Hills Street Faire: Taste For Yourself

No comprehensive coverage, no pithy commentary, no insightful analysis, no penetrating, in-depth interview could ever even come close to capturing the spirit, the essence, and the zeitgeist of the Granada Hills Street Faire as simply and elegantly as this footage does.

So rather than summarizing the event with words, I offer instead this video of a guy boogieing down to the infectious, can't-make-your-feet-sit-still sounds of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb."

Like the sign says: Taste for yourself.

I'm led to wonder: is this person simply uncoordinated, or is he just introducing us all to a completely new and heretofore unseen paradigm of coordination, one that we mere mortals don't yet understand?

Granada Hills, we finally have our own Technoviking.

Big thanks to nitrous-hoarding Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council member Jerry Askew for this mind-blowing footage.


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