A Typical Day In Little Tokyo

Day Tripper
I leave Granada Hills so you don't have to!

When GranadaHillsians think of Japan, we typically think of three things: giant robots, Godzilla, and cafes where girls in French maid costumes serve you tea. And Mechagodzilla. So make that four things.

But did you know that Japan is even older than America?! It is!!!

That means that the land of the rising sun has had a lot of time to develop its own rich cultural heritage and ancient traditions, such as conveyor belt sushi, anime, karaoke, cosplay, Pokemon, and Hello Kitty.

Unfortunately, you can't get to Japan by taking the I-5. You can't even get there by car! So how in the world can anyone verify the rumors that Japan is totally different than America? By going to Los Angeles' Little Tokyo -- or better yet, having me do it for you, and looking at my photos from the comfort of your Valley home.

It seems that on a typical day in Little Tokyo, the streets are overrun with samurai, geishas, and Naruto characters, just like they are in Big Tokyo. And if you don't believe me, go there yourself this weekend -- if you dare. Just don't blame me if you have a run-in with Guiron.


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