Ricky, Friendly Neighborhood Trader Joe's Guy

Lesson #1: If you're going to interrupt a Trader Joe's employee with pesky interview requests, don't intrude on valuable smoke break time. Wait until they're busy working.

Lesson #2: Not everybody is as obsessed with municipal boundaries as you are. Most people are willing to live a more fluid, cosmopolitan existence. See below.

Name: Ricky

Occupation: Trader Joe's cashier

Do you live in Granada Hills, or just work here?

Just work here. Technically, I guess I live in Northridge.

Can you tell me something you like about Granada Hills?

I'm not really sure where Northridge ends and Granada Hills begins -- I'm not really sure where the borders are. So I don't know what to say.

Can you think of anything you like about Granada Hills?

I'm glad that I have a job here.

And what's your least favorite thing about it?

You know that parade they have? It blocks the traffic.

But that's only once a year.

You're right.


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