It's A Pet Adventure!

Kim and Jeremiah work at Pet Adventure

GGH: Wow, your hair is amazing. Can I take your picture for my blog?

Jeremiah: Sure.

How long have you worked here?

Three days.

So far so good?

Yeah. It's going fine.

Do you work here because you're an animal lover?

(Shrugs) Sure, I like animals. I've got six dogs.

I'd say that's a big yes.

Do you live in Granada Hills too?

Kim: I live right down the block, and I walk to work.

Do you have pets?

Yeah. Right now I only have a dog and a bird. But I had lots of pets when I worked at the other store in Canyon Country. And then I moved back here I can't have pets. So my pets live with different friends now. I had a couple chihuahuas, a cat, ferrets, snakes. And they're all with friends now.

Did you say ferrets, or parrots?

Ferrets. They're great.

How long have you worked here?

I worked at the other store for eight months and recently transferred here.

So you're a big animal lover.

Oh yeah.

Have you worked at other animal-related jobs?

Just here. And my boyfriend works for guide dogs, so I deal with that too.

What's the favorite pet kind of pet that you've had?

My dog, because she's the most loyal. She's a chihuahua-dachshund mix.

What are ferrets like?

They're mischevious, and the most playful pets I've ever owned.

So you can play with them, like a cat with a string or a dog with a ball?

Definitely. Their favorite thing is to play hide and seek. They love that. They'll hide anywhere -- pillowcases, hampers.

Wow, cool. Anything else I should know?

Um, I'm also musician. I play guitar, flute, keyboards, and I sing.

Do you have a band? Do you play out?

No, but I do have a MySpace page.*

Pet Adventure is in the Trader Joe's shopping center.

*I recommend "A Minute, Six" and Kim's autoharp-accompanied cover of "Sea of Love." -- ed.


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