Ding, Dong, The Kohl's Is Dead

The collapsing economy finally doomed the plan to put in a Kohl's -- complete with several code variances -- in the Regency Center, at the corner of Zelzah and Chatsworth, in the space formerly occupied by Granada Brunswick Lanes, and then by a Ralph's -- you know, the one across the street from Ralph's. They gave up a few months ago, when when Mervyn's went belly up and Kohl's started belt-tightening.

The rumor now is that the space is being eyed by down-home flavored, yokel- and trucker-friendly grocery chain Stater Brothers. At least that's how they like to bill themselves in their commercials.

So Granada Hills counts as "The Heartland"?!? "Where the girl next door can become your wife?" Eeew.

Then again, perhaps the arrival of Stater Brothers will bring us more quality entertainment such as this:


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