Give And Get Backyard Produce At

If you're up to your ears in tomatoes but sure would love a few more figs, register to arrange a swap at

Veggie Trader has a database that you can search by zip code of people who would like to swap, trade, sell, or offer for free their over-bountiful harvests of fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs.

I entered a search for "within 10 miles of 91344" and found some folks in Encino looking to trade oranges for tomatoes and cucumbers, and someone in Woodland Hills who had grapefruit on offer.

Veggie Trader's registration process is a lot more security-conscious than one would expect -- I mean, they're just vegetables -- but the site is well-designed, attractive and easy to use.

I'm posting this here in the hope that more Granada Hills residents -- especially those who have persimmons -- will register for this relatively new site. A couple of months from now I'm going to have more greenskin avocados than I know what to do with, and I'll show you mine if you show me yours.


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