Attention Granada Hills Parents: It's All YOUR Fault

Northridge Fashion Center is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and it's all Granada Hills' fault -- at least according to one GigaGranadaHills reader who hates our children:

Some of you parents in G.H. have been dropping off your children at the Northridge mall on Friday nights. I understand that you think it is O.K., but it just is not.
The Mall is in chapter 11 and will never get out of is if all people see are screming little kids all night.

Two years ago, that would have been O.K.,but the mall is now looking for a buyer and can not find one as it is known as the 'kids mall.'

There are many other aspects to this subject, one being if you drop two hundred teens in one area with no adults, what do you think they are going to do?

Two, can you take care you them? I work at the Mall, and would hate to see my place closed down because you do not want to spend time with your kid on Friday nights. We are not talking about older kids, these are mostly Junior High kids.

Please, G.H., invite all those kids you think its so great for your kid to be around all night to YOUR house.If it is such a great idea and the mall kids are so safe and nice, have them over you YOUR house.

You see, the teenagers of Northridge would never run around a mall "screming." It's those Granada Hills types that cause all of the trouble. You hear that, Granada Hills parents? Stop dropping off two hundred teens at the mall on Friday nights. Our reader makes it very clear: "Have them over you your house."


  1. Oops, sorry about that. I'll have to find another spot for my 200 kids to hang out.
    Which Northridge institution shall we ruin next ?

  2. NFC is NOT for sale.

    None of the General Growth, the mall's owner, properties are for sale. At least not yet.

    They are working with the lenders to extend loans.

    For now, they are not accepting offers and they have not begun a sales process on ANY of the 116 malls they took into bankruptcy protection.

  3. Getting a loan when 80% of your properties are 'in hock' is needed but not a solution. Sure, you guys need the loan, but you would only be paying the interest and may never get out of the red. Even in a restructuring following the chapter 11 hearings, it is hard to see how one would get out of the hole without selling the Vagas properties and some others that are not doing well.N.F.C. is doing well thanks to managment keeping the stores full and never giving up, but what may make more logic is to market the people across the street from the mall instead of their children.
    Many of G.G.P. properties already have an 'escort policy' and that would really be a drag to have, but may be needed. An even better sollution would, of cousre, be to stop dropping off your tween at the darkest part of the mall at night. Stop dropping them off period. Be with them.It is not just G.H., everyone is complaining about P.R. too as well as other places. I think that try as one might, I do not think they can come up with a good reason for not spending time with their kid instead of dropping them off to some trangers consisting of janitors, store workers and staff. There may be a case for valley tweens trying to have some fun because it is so boring. But look at exactly what they are doing. Go there and stay in front of the movie theateres on a friday night. I dare you. You will see your kids, not all, making fun of the janitors, spitting on them, dancing on roftops, go to youtube under 'jerk', throwing things, causeing a fire hazaerd and acting like they are somehow very near a guetto. Please, take care of your own kids.

  4. I agree, why are all those twelve year olds there without their parents?


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