Buy Local: Get Hand-Delivered, Handmade Gifts From Made In The Valley

Sure, you could send flowers, but wouldn't it be a lot more stylish -- and longer lasting -- to send jewelry? How about organic beauty products, stationery, or chocolates?

And sure, you could buy from Wal-Mart, but wouldn't it help our local economy to buy products that are not only American-made, but made right here in the Valley?

Check out my friend Gail Lara's new site, There you'll find a lovely selection of products, all handmade by local Valley entrepreneurs. It's like a Valley Girls' version of Etsy!

Best of all, the prices are reasonable and a portion of proceeds go to support local charities like The Valley Food Bank, San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, Arts in Education Aid Council, Tree People, and Pet Orphans.

Gail's site reminds us that "You can strengthen the quality of life in your neighborhood and the economic vitality of the greater San Fernando Valley, considering the positive impact you have when you buy from independent, local woman-owned businesses."

Keep your dollars local, support small businesses, give to charities, and get chocolate all in one place? Sign me up.

The Daily News did a story on Made in the Valley on August 18, 2009, here. Please note that I scooped them by almost a month.


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