Welcome To Giga Granada Hills!

I've lived in Granada Hills for most, but not all, of my life. I hate it here, and I love it here, which means I feel about this town the way a lot of people feel about their mothers. For better or worse, this town is mine. If it's your town too, then this blog's for you.

My goal is to patronize every last business in my home town, and write about it here. That process may take a long time. It may not even be possible. I'm not, for example, going to be able to buy a house from every real estate agent. I'm also not going to send my mom to live in the Casitas Care Center old folks home for a month just so I can write about it. But I will drink in every bar, eat in every restaurant, and shop in every store in Granada Hills, and I will publish my complaints (and even occasional compliments!) here.

I'm fully prepared for you to passionately disagree with me and my assessment of life in this little corner of the city. I'm even prepared to invite guest bloggers to join in from time to time. Email me!

Viva Granada Hills!


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