Nothing Ever Happens In Granada Hills.

This entry was written by my first-ever guest blogger, 8-year-old Ricky Keil. Ricky has been a resident of Granada Hills for the past eight years.

Nothing Ever Happens In Granada Hills (Except Fires, Car Accidents, Robberies, Etc.)

by Ricky Keil

Granada Hills is boring. I'm not saying that that's bad, but I wish I could liven things up a bit. Well, okay, I admit there was one time where i saw this fire and me and my family went to see what was going on. A fire had happened at a house near our block.

I wish Granada Hills was kind of like Metropolis. Superhero and villain fights in the middle of the city. Superman could fist fight a villain and use heat ray eyes and weapons like that. He could blow superbreath on the villain. People on the street would be looking up and saying, "Wow!"

Wait, that's dangerous but CRAZY AAAAWWWWSSSSOMMME!

The End.


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