Northridge Tastes, Granada Hills Budget

I, like most Granada Hills residents, spend a lot of time in Northridge, our only slightly more chi-chi neighbor to the west. We're the Jan to their Marcia, the Mary Anne to their Ginger, the Jen to their Angelina, the Biggie to their Tupac, the Hagar to their Roth.

Why does it have to be that way? We're a perfectly nice town. We've got money -- well, at least north of Rinaldi we do. But lets compare:

What Do We Got
NorthridgeGranada Hills
Upscale Grocery StoreWhole FoodsVons
Home StoreBed Bath & BeyondAnna's Linens
Ice Cream ShopPinkberryBaskin Robbins
Shopping CenterFashion Center
with Macy's
Regency Center
without Kohl's
Star TurnFoo Fighters'
Studio 606
The pirate hat
scene from Fast Times
at Ridgemont High
Famous Disaster1994 QuakeSunshine Canyon
Median Income

I know we're supposed to be "The Valley's Most Neighborly Town" and all, and often times -- like when I'm watching the Holiday Parade, or when I'm whizzing down Chatsworth, bypassing all of the cute and quaint little businesses on our little main street as I make my way to the Northridge Mall, I feel glad that I live in L.A.'s version of Mayberry. But if our median income is higher than Northridge, why don't we have our own Pinkberry?


  1. We have Menchies. Who needs Pinkberry? Oh, and there's no way in hell this is Mayberry.

  2. At the time this was written, Menchie's wasn't here yet. And as for Mayberry, please don't tell Floyd the Barber you said that.


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